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This is the archived Workout wiki for FOSS.IN/2008

This is where WorkOut leads can plan out the WorkOuts - publish lists of tasks, bootstrap information for would-be participants, people who will be attending, etc. Look at the WorkOutTemplate page for an example of what information might be useful.

  1. Implementing volume-follows-focus in PulseAudio - Lennart Poettering
  2. Improving Free Software based GSM protocol analysis - Harald Welte
  3. Low level plumbing for cgroups - Balbir Singh
  4. - Lets get Issues solved (IssueZilla) - Rakesh Pandit
  5. Alternate OS probe module for BeleniX Installer - Moinak Ghosh
  6. Giving git-rebase a facelift (UI) - Abhijit Bhopatkar
  7. Indlinux - machine translations - Rakesh Pandit
  8. Review-o-matic: laying the foundations - Debarshi Ray
  9. Sorting in Indic locales/Indian language spell-checking enhancements - Gora Mohanty
  10. SMS Public Information Feature addition to Sahana Messaging - Ajay Kumar
  11. Starting KDE closer to the User - Piyush Verma
  12. VBA Macros - The Fun Bits - Rajesh Sola
  13. Profile Gnome using Dtrace - Parthasarathi Susarla
  14. Adding DTrace Probes to KDE - Manish Chakravarty
  15. GDM 2.24 aka SMB (Shoot Me Bloody) - Nirbheek Chauhan
  16. Excited states of Plasma - Adriaan de Groot
  17. Beacon: The WYSIWYG XML Editor - Anant Narayanan
  18. Speed up boot through disk sorting - Nikanth Karthikesan
  19. Debianize your work - Kapil Paranjape
  20. Linux Kernel Workout - Christoph Hellwig
  21. e2fsprogs Workout - Christoph Hellwig
  22. Porting HTML::Template to Javascript - Philip Tellis
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