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Kernel Workout Results

Patches accepted in the Linux Kernel

Fix UML Boot. Balbir Singh, [1]

Make runtime decision on whether to enable SCHED_MC exported sysfs file, Mahesh Salgaonkar, Vaidyanathan Srinivasan, [2]

Add uid information to runqueues in /proc/sched_debug, Arun Bharadwaj, [3]

Patches already posted to the LKML

Patches completed, but not yet posted

unrestricted_chown mount option (both, kernel as well as userspace) -> Patch sent to hch. done by Niraj Kumar

Work in Progress

The fiemap for btrfs is started and will probably take some more time

hch has gotten a preliminary patch for the preallocation ioctls

Some work done on the plan9 binary emulation

Basic GUI for ftrace is ready. Some more work to be done still.

GUI for lock_Stats -> started

lockdep history almost done

bufferhead tracing -> WIP

pid namespaces fixes

e2fsprogs geometry detection

convert sched_entity and sched_rt_entity into a union -> Basic discussion done, just need to get the patch to build now. done by Dhaval Giani, Bharata

As and when these patches get completed and posted to the LKML, we will link them here.

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