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Christoph Hellwig



This session will be hand on Linux Kernel hacking. We will have some experienced kernel hackers helping attendees to work on the kerne.

There are two primary focusses for this workout:

- fixing bugs from the bugzilla or other user reports

- helping to bring drivers up to a standard where they can be submitted for mainline inclusion.

Other aspects will be tolerated, time permitting, but we won't get into things like integration complex new subsystems.


Building and running custom kernels Please have built the kernel at least once. Doing a fresh build takes sometime even on a fast laptop and would take a long time.

Languages, tools to be known

C, git/quilt

Getting and compiling the code

Please download the kernel in advance. Use git to download the latest mainline tree.

 git clone git://

Also build a config in advance for your laptop. It is a good idea to build a kernel in advance and see that it boots and nothing is broken. Feel free to contact the organizers of the workout if you face issues. Please do this in advance

For building a kernel configuration, might be of use. Check out [1] for more details on how to use it. Please note, have all the modules you use loaded in when you run streamline_config. Streamline config is also available at [2]

Pre-event planning


FIEMAP implementation for btrfs

tracepoints on buffer_heads - akpm buffer tracing patch reborn -> Prasad

check whether partitions size is supported when creating new partitions

randconfig build and related fixes with debug turned on

build with sparse and fix issues patch available needs testing.

unrestricted_chown mount option -> Niraj and Guru

GUI for lockstat

GUI for ftrace

lockdep with lock location information

implement XFS preallocation ioctls in the VFS

look at whether all compat support is done for all archs

user_regset enablement for architectures (ARM, MIPS etc..)

make a union out sched_entity and sched_rt_entity

Fix group scheduler stats for RT tasks -> Ankita

Add uid information to runqueues in /proc/sched_debug -> Arun

Make runtime decision on whether to enable SCHED_MC exporter sysfs file

xfs_errmask settable through sysctl

File information during mount time on POHMELFS -> Varun

Clean up Glendix (Plan 9 binary support) patches -> Anant

Getting in touch

Links to ML, IRC, people to contact

IRC Channel, OFTC, #fossin-kernel

There should be charts all around. Come up with kernel problems faced, list them on the charts. Email the organizers.


List of people who will be participating,

Suparna Bhattacharya

Aneesh Kumar

Christoph Hellwig

Amit Shah

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli

Vaidyanathan Srinivasan

Sripathi Kodi

James Morris

Dhaval Giani

Balbir Singh

Srivatsa Vaddagiri

Bharata B Rao

Maneesh Soni


Kamalesh Babulal

Ankita Garg

Arun Bharadwaj

Nikanth Karthikesan



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