Improving Free Software based GSM protocol analysis

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2008-11-26: We're in the BOF TENT BX, from 12:30 onwards till 18:00

2008-11-27: We'll meet in the BOF TENT BX, from 10:30 onwards till 18:00


There are a number of different FOSS tools that help with GSM protocol analysis, but their status is not very oood. They don't receive regular maintenance, don't build with current toolchains, don't work with current gnuradio-3.1.x releases, provide patches against ancient wireshark versions, etc.

The idea is to get some people involved to fixing all those issues, make the tools much more useable and complete.




Languages, tools to be known

One or more of the following

  • GSM protocols
  • wireshark
  • signal processing
  • gnuradio
  • USRP

Some background on GSM

Getting and compiling the code

All the source is collected at at:


  • you should have a working gnuradio-3.1.3 installation on your system (please don't use gnuradio svn trunk, unless you want to work on fixing all the buidl bugs of gssm/gsm-tvoid/... with it)
  • sources are available at

gsm related gnuradio code bits

  • We've set up a git repository for all our code, please check it out

captured GSM signals



Links to overall design/architecture

Pre-event planning

Can document this here and/or add some links to Bugzilla, ML threads, other wiki pages


  • make sure gsm-tvoid, gssm and gsmsp build+work on current systems and gnuradio-3.1.3
  • port wireshark plugin to current wireshark upstream version
  • improve wireshark decoding (add more protocol fields/options/...)
  • obtain A5/0 traces, if India really has widespread A5/0 adoption
  • Make Tvoid's implementation compatible for the TUN device for wireshark (Rakesh Peter)
  • Integrating the Viterbi decoder (Rakesh Peter)

Existing work

Getting in touch


  • Harald Welte
  • Rakesh Peter
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